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 I gave up on my package and dragged myself out to buy a copy, and have been glued to it ever since. My fem!Shep is a paragon of virtue who resisted Garrus' turian charms and stuck with Kaidan Alenko even though he has a propensity to be slightly whiny and question her a little too much. I'm halfway though the game now - and I pretty much already know how this is gonna go down - and, unless I get more damn war assets, not very well, but it's been a fantastic ride up to now.

I disagree with how Bioware made multiplayer so central to the game by making it determine the level of galactic readiness, though. ME's been strictly single-player up till now, and although I understand that game devs are trying to tap into the multiplayer market, it's just... weird.

Why not make multi-player optional, instead of letting the endings hinge on how much you're online?
 I haven't tried out multi-player for myself, um, largely because since I started so late I'm freaking behind everyone else, and also because I prefer getting into the game and flying solo. If I wanted to duke it out with other people, I'd have picked up COD/ WOW. Otherwise, no complaints. 

2. SCHOOL. Is just. aicapocmaocadc,d'c,'c, Even after filling out countless forms and going for interviews I have no idea what I actually want to do with my life. I mean... I've always wanted liberal arts and to go overseas for uni, but now I don't know. Now the offers have come in and I'm stuck in a dilemma. One choice offers relative security in terms of job prospects and career stability. The other is as uncertain as the first is not - it interests me, but it involves a lot of change and a completely new environment, is vastly more expensive, and ... I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a job once it's over. I mean, I would love to study creative writing and english literature and classics, and I feel like by not picking it I'm missing out, but the uncertainty is really holding me back. Spent 3 days agonising over this already, and still I don't feel like I'm closer to any answer. :( basically i'm just going 'ARGH HOW HOW HOW OMG HOW DO I DECIDE' over and over on loop and getting nowhere. 

[EDIT]: people keep calling me and asking me if I want to subscribe to random products/ services. WTF NO I HAVE NO MONEY ALSO HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET MY NUMBER I'M PRETTY SURE THAT VIOLATES A COUPLE OF PRIVACY LAWS. JUST. GO. AWAY. UNLESS YOU'RE MICHAEL FASSBENDER/ TOM HIDDLESTON/ BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH/ WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE I'M NOT INTERESTED.  although why would any of the latter be calling me, i have no idea. 

Here, have some scheming loki courtesy of hiddlestonr on tumblr while I clutch my head and rock back and forth sobbing quietly:

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Gotten back into Dashboard Confessional after so long, and their songs are as lovely as ever. Bittersweet and nostalgic and gritty with every turn of the notes, every strum of the guitar, slick in the wake of the vocals, lyrics that stick in my heart and my head. Some people say it's emo music, but it's not. It's the charting of life; it's ups and downs and all the human reactions to it - resignation in the wake of, then fortitude mellowed with grief, buoyed by idealism and tempered by cynicism, along with a bone-deep awareness of how the world works. And it's beautiful. 

For the next few days, I'm going to read and listen to music and hold on to this, for as long as it lasts. And then I'll take whatever comes on Friday. 

And for some unfathomable reason, Belle on the Boulevard reminds me of this:

[EDIT]: excuse the incoherence on DC, I had actually just finished rambling about them when my wifi suddenly cut off, and so sadly it wasn't saved. 

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 "It was a good win in our stadium, against our enemies." - Bacary Sagna 

We don't need Batman, we've got Robin. 

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Finally. Unfortunately it's also bent and battered due to shitty handling, wtf. Thanks, USPS/ Customs, I so needed that. >_>
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Never knew several hours of juggling numbers and crunching data and playing catch-up with several months' worth of paperwork could be this tiring. At the end of the day, my brain is pretty much mush. Very dazed, mumbling, mush. 

... ...It's a good kind of tired though. The mind-numbing blankness that results from actually doing something rather than bumming around all day. Or the buzzed state I get into when I game too much/ get high on Arashi vids and dramas or writing. 

Guess I shouldn't complain too much - the agency called me today and asked if I was fine with an interview, and all in Chinese - that conversation was the most Chinese I'd used all year and I was fumbling and frantically searching for the right phrasing while praying that I'd be able to keep up with the conversation. Interview tomorrow, so fingers crossed! It's a part-time gig that involves small kids (not my ideal job, but at this point? I'll gladly take it.) and only requires me to be there on weekend evenings so HUZZAH THE REST OF MY WEEK IS FREE for friends and German and Japanese and Skyrim, YAY. :D 'Sides, it's near home and ends early enough for me to get to town for dinners/movies SO I REALLY HOPE THEY GIVE IT TO ME. 

Also, vaguely wondering if Mass Effect 3 is a good idea, so I can get results off my mind, but I'm running rather short on moolah. And current workplace is also near Gamer Central, so... *continues wondering some more* but I haven't played ME1 or ME2, so I'll be floundering around a lot. Not that it hindered me in the least from getting DAII and Skyrim, so I'll see. *rubs hands together gleefully* 

Can't function no more, need to be up early tomorrow. 'M off to bed. 

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First day at work, and I am knackered. And not exactly coherent either, not after dinner and laughing about insane things with the gang. I didn't realise how much I missed them all until tonight, and how easily the companionship and conversation and camaraderie flows when we're all together, which is something I am intensely grateful for.  ❤ 

Decided to go on a diet after the CNY
 feasting and tonight's dinner, which was bangers and mash - delicious but not exactly the healthiest food on the planet. I've indulged myself - a lot, and it's starting to show, sigh. Milk and a slice of toast for breakfast tomorrow, vegetables for lunch and oats for dinner. Rinse and repeat until the weekend, and I'm determined to clock 3km over the weekend. Discipline.I will do it. *determinedface* 

I think my Skyrim craze is starting to wear off, which is good. :) Unfortunately I have developed an - ahem - attachment to Farkas, and won't go anywhere without him, which results in me dragging him along for all the thieves' guild quests. Problem is, he can't sneak to save his life (yes, literally) and I inevitably get challenged by nosy Imperial guards despite the fact that I've fought for them countless times during the Civil War. And I feel kind of guilty bringing Farkas along, too. I mean, the Imperial I've rolled isn't bad per se; he's just subjectively amoral, and in headcanon he's been ordered by the Empire to infiltrate the Guild to extend its influence in Skyrim, but I just... feel bad about bringing Farkas into it. After all, he's about honour and glory, not knives in the dark and picking locks and framing innocent people. It's stupid to feel this way about a bit of coding in a matrix, but yeah, I just do. :/ And yet, the bonuses I stand to reap are more than worth the cost. osnfdsvm;dsl,v'dv *is deeply morally conflicted* I miss the days where a game was just a game, dammit, and didn't require you to make morally grey decisions. 

Also revisited Robin Hobb and she is an amazing writer. I've been rather jaded and disillusioned with fantasy (that was, until Game of Thrones, and the Soldier Son Trilogy) and she's pretty much single-handedly re-ignited my love for the genre. The worlds she creates are tangible, gritty and markedly, wonderously real down to every quirk, every imperfection, kindness or cruelty; and her protagonists are always relatable in some way or other. Their dislocation parallels the reader's as both are forced to navigate the alien/changing geopolitics of the land, and their struggles become ours in the process. The connection she weaves is poignant and alive, and that's what makes me return time after time, even though I don't always agree with what happens next. 

To do list for this week: 

1) plan grimm exchange fic 
2) work on Empire
3) level up on Morgana, Anja and Rijkaard for Skyrim
4) work on Rufius' thieves' guild quests and smithing skills

Priorities, I haz them. 

Also, can the agency I've emailed at least have the sodding decency to reply my damn email!? It's been days. >:( 

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These guys are wicked.  Foster the People concert at Fort Canning was brilliant and happy-making despite the heat and humidity and the jerks you get in every crowd.  but I'm going to forget all that and remember that night as perfect, because it was. They sound absolutely fantastic live, and even though I didn't like some of their songs (e.g. Waste) on CD, I've since changed my mind. :) Mark Foster, please never stop singing. Also GUYS, GUYS,  Mark Pontius is PERFECTION. apdifndsmvds,v';dv'dv I have. fallen. in. love. 

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