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 I gave up on my package and dragged myself out to buy a copy, and have been glued to it ever since. My fem!Shep is a paragon of virtue who resisted Garrus' turian charms and stuck with Kaidan Alenko even though he has a propensity to be slightly whiny and question her a little too much. I'm halfway though the game now - and I pretty much already know how this is gonna go down - and, unless I get more damn war assets, not very well, but it's been a fantastic ride up to now.

I disagree with how Bioware made multiplayer so central to the game by making it determine the level of galactic readiness, though. ME's been strictly single-player up till now, and although I understand that game devs are trying to tap into the multiplayer market, it's just... weird.

Why not make multi-player optional, instead of letting the endings hinge on how much you're online?
 I haven't tried out multi-player for myself, um, largely because since I started so late I'm freaking behind everyone else, and also because I prefer getting into the game and flying solo. If I wanted to duke it out with other people, I'd have picked up COD/ WOW. Otherwise, no complaints. 

2. SCHOOL. Is just. aicapocmaocadc,d'c,'c, Even after filling out countless forms and going for interviews I have no idea what I actually want to do with my life. I mean... I've always wanted liberal arts and to go overseas for uni, but now I don't know. Now the offers have come in and I'm stuck in a dilemma. One choice offers relative security in terms of job prospects and career stability. The other is as uncertain as the first is not - it interests me, but it involves a lot of change and a completely new environment, is vastly more expensive, and ... I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a job once it's over. I mean, I would love to study creative writing and english literature and classics, and I feel like by not picking it I'm missing out, but the uncertainty is really holding me back. Spent 3 days agonising over this already, and still I don't feel like I'm closer to any answer. :( basically i'm just going 'ARGH HOW HOW HOW OMG HOW DO I DECIDE' over and over on loop and getting nowhere. 

[EDIT]: people keep calling me and asking me if I want to subscribe to random products/ services. WTF NO I HAVE NO MONEY ALSO HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET MY NUMBER I'M PRETTY SURE THAT VIOLATES A COUPLE OF PRIVACY LAWS. JUST. GO. AWAY. UNLESS YOU'RE MICHAEL FASSBENDER/ TOM HIDDLESTON/ BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH/ WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE I'M NOT INTERESTED.  although why would any of the latter be calling me, i have no idea. 

Here, have some scheming loki courtesy of hiddlestonr on tumblr while I clutch my head and rock back and forth sobbing quietly:


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