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Gotten back into Dashboard Confessional after so long, and their songs are as lovely as ever. Bittersweet and nostalgic and gritty with every turn of the notes, every strum of the guitar, slick in the wake of the vocals, lyrics that stick in my heart and my head. Some people say it's emo music, but it's not. It's the charting of life; it's ups and downs and all the human reactions to it - resignation in the wake of, then fortitude mellowed with grief, buoyed by idealism and tempered by cynicism, along with a bone-deep awareness of how the world works. And it's beautiful. 

For the next few days, I'm going to read and listen to music and hold on to this, for as long as it lasts. And then I'll take whatever comes on Friday. 

And for some unfathomable reason, Belle on the Boulevard reminds me of this:

[EDIT]: excuse the incoherence on DC, I had actually just finished rambling about them when my wifi suddenly cut off, and so sadly it wasn't saved. 

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These guys are wicked.  Foster the People concert at Fort Canning was brilliant and happy-making despite the heat and humidity and the jerks you get in every crowd.  but I'm going to forget all that and remember that night as perfect, because it was. They sound absolutely fantastic live, and even though I didn't like some of their songs (e.g. Waste) on CD, I've since changed my mind. :) Mark Foster, please never stop singing. Also GUYS, GUYS,  Mark Pontius is PERFECTION. apdifndsmvds,v';dv'dv I have. fallen. in. love. 


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