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Never knew several hours of juggling numbers and crunching data and playing catch-up with several months' worth of paperwork could be this tiring. At the end of the day, my brain is pretty much mush. Very dazed, mumbling, mush. 

... ...It's a good kind of tired though. The mind-numbing blankness that results from actually doing something rather than bumming around all day. Or the buzzed state I get into when I game too much/ get high on Arashi vids and dramas or writing. 

Guess I shouldn't complain too much - the agency called me today and asked if I was fine with an interview, and all in Chinese - that conversation was the most Chinese I'd used all year and I was fumbling and frantically searching for the right phrasing while praying that I'd be able to keep up with the conversation. Interview tomorrow, so fingers crossed! It's a part-time gig that involves small kids (not my ideal job, but at this point? I'll gladly take it.) and only requires me to be there on weekend evenings so HUZZAH THE REST OF MY WEEK IS FREE for friends and German and Japanese and Skyrim, YAY. :D 'Sides, it's near home and ends early enough for me to get to town for dinners/movies SO I REALLY HOPE THEY GIVE IT TO ME. 

Also, vaguely wondering if Mass Effect 3 is a good idea, so I can get results off my mind, but I'm running rather short on moolah. And current workplace is also near Gamer Central, so... *continues wondering some more* but I haven't played ME1 or ME2, so I'll be floundering around a lot. Not that it hindered me in the least from getting DAII and Skyrim, so I'll see. *rubs hands together gleefully* 

Can't function no more, need to be up early tomorrow. 'M off to bed. 

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