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First day at work, and I am knackered. And not exactly coherent either, not after dinner and laughing about insane things with the gang. I didn't realise how much I missed them all until tonight, and how easily the companionship and conversation and camaraderie flows when we're all together, which is something I am intensely grateful for.  ❤ 

Decided to go on a diet after the CNY
 feasting and tonight's dinner, which was bangers and mash - delicious but not exactly the healthiest food on the planet. I've indulged myself - a lot, and it's starting to show, sigh. Milk and a slice of toast for breakfast tomorrow, vegetables for lunch and oats for dinner. Rinse and repeat until the weekend, and I'm determined to clock 3km over the weekend. Discipline.I will do it. *determinedface* 

I think my Skyrim craze is starting to wear off, which is good. :) Unfortunately I have developed an - ahem - attachment to Farkas, and won't go anywhere without him, which results in me dragging him along for all the thieves' guild quests. Problem is, he can't sneak to save his life (yes, literally) and I inevitably get challenged by nosy Imperial guards despite the fact that I've fought for them countless times during the Civil War. And I feel kind of guilty bringing Farkas along, too. I mean, the Imperial I've rolled isn't bad per se; he's just subjectively amoral, and in headcanon he's been ordered by the Empire to infiltrate the Guild to extend its influence in Skyrim, but I just... feel bad about bringing Farkas into it. After all, he's about honour and glory, not knives in the dark and picking locks and framing innocent people. It's stupid to feel this way about a bit of coding in a matrix, but yeah, I just do. :/ And yet, the bonuses I stand to reap are more than worth the cost. osnfdsvm;dsl,v'dv *is deeply morally conflicted* I miss the days where a game was just a game, dammit, and didn't require you to make morally grey decisions. 

Also revisited Robin Hobb and she is an amazing writer. I've been rather jaded and disillusioned with fantasy (that was, until Game of Thrones, and the Soldier Son Trilogy) and she's pretty much single-handedly re-ignited my love for the genre. The worlds she creates are tangible, gritty and markedly, wonderously real down to every quirk, every imperfection, kindness or cruelty; and her protagonists are always relatable in some way or other. Their dislocation parallels the reader's as both are forced to navigate the alien/changing geopolitics of the land, and their struggles become ours in the process. The connection she weaves is poignant and alive, and that's what makes me return time after time, even though I don't always agree with what happens next. 

To do list for this week: 

1) plan grimm exchange fic 
2) work on Empire
3) level up on Morgana, Anja and Rijkaard for Skyrim
4) work on Rufius' thieves' guild quests and smithing skills

Priorities, I haz them. 

Also, can the agency I've emailed at least have the sodding decency to reply my damn email!? It's been days. >:( 

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